Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make Hydroponics Work For Your Garden- Use A Hydroponic Kit

One of the best ways to eat healthy is to make sure that you eat enough of green vegetables everyday. A diet that is replete with vegetables will help to ensure that the individual receives the appropriate vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, etc.

However, it seems that a growing season for vegetables and distribution of those vegetables are always at risk for a recall. Generally, those recalls are due to the presence of E. coli.

Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid the possibilities of eating vegetables infected with E. coli is to grow those vegetables in one’s own garden. Specifically, when one thinks of growing vegetables in their own garden they often think of planting seeds into the ground, providing the proper nutrients, watering, cultivating and eventually harvesting their crop.

However, another method that can be utilized to grow vegetables is through the use of a hydroponics kit. Therefore, it is important to know what hydroponics is and the advantages of a hydroponics kit.

What Is Hydroponics?
To understand what hydroponics is it may prove useful to breakdown the actual word of hydroponics. Specifically, hydroponics is a Greek word that literally means water labor. That is because hydro, in the Greek language, means water and ponos means labor. Therefore, the combination of these two words, hydroponics, means water labor.

Furthermore, when an individual talks about hydroponics, when it comes to growing plants or garden vegetables, it means that the process of growth is derived from placing the plant in the water and not in soil.

In addition, because the roots of the plant are dependent upon the water for their nutrients, another important component of hydroponics is to ensure that the proper nutrients are found in the water so that the proper growth of the plant is facilitated.

Also, through the hydroponics system, there are many advantages that can be realized. Some of those advantages include the fact that, because soil is not used, this system of plant growth can be utilized just about any where. This is especially useful if the individual or family has limited land due to living in apartment, condo, studio apartment, etc.

Another major advantage of hydroponics and the use of a hydroponic kit, because soil is not required, the system can be set up indoors. Therefore, this allows for the need for sunlight and the needed nutrients obtained from sunlight, to be gathered through artificial means.

What Is A Hydroponics Kit?
If an individual is in the market for hydroponics grow kit there are a number of hydroponic kits available on the market. Some of these kits can be purchased locally or can be purchased on line. In addition, these kits are packaged so that all of the components required are sold together.

Generally, a hydroponic kit consists of a reservoir of some type in which the water is placed, tubing and a pump that allows for the circulation of water, plant seeds, liquid nutrients or food for the plant, growing medium, test kit that measures the pH factor and a water level indicator.